How is the decision made about what type and how much support will my child receive?

In line with the current Code of Practice which was adopted in September 2014 we adhere to this:
Through the observation and assessment process linked to the EYFS stages of development, and in discussion with you, the Key Person, the Senco we will identify what support is required.
Extra support will be put in place if necessary, whereby we will receive help from the ECC early years team. Ongoing partnerships with you, other professionals – including ECC early years advisors and ourselves will support the decision making process. Together with you and our Senco they will support the decision making process to plan targets on the one page profile and or EHC plan. This will be written after consulting with you and will include how you can support your child at home. Through regular observations we can track your child’s progress. Our Senco will give advice on meeting your child’s needs within the preschool in consultation with you and other professionals where necessary, with your permission.
Reports from health care professionals and other professionals, who are working with your child will be used to plan and support your child within the setting.
Staff meetings within the setting will ensure all staff working with your child knows your child’s strengths, needs, and how to support them inclusively.