How will you support my child to settle in?

After starting Little Dragons pre-school you will be invited to attend the initial session with your child. Parents and children can find this transition a little daunting and to relieve any anxiety we want you to get to know us first. You and your child will relax once you have got to know us and the settings routines and boundaries. This time also helps us to build up a picture of your child’s likes and dislikes we can then plan for their next session accordingly.

We will work with you in partnership to support your child to enable him/her to access our inclusive setting. We strive ourselves on good partnerships with parents/carers and have an open door policy to parents should you have any concern.

Observations, assessments and evaluations all contribute towards your child’s learning journey and their key person will be responsible for this and to oversee your child’s well- being. The learning journey will contain written observations, photographs and samples of your child’s work which support staff in assessing and planning for your child’s progress within their next steps. Learning journeys are accessible to your child and yourselves on a daily basis and can be signed out to share at home too.

Your child’s key person will be in the sessions your child attends on most days fostering a positive relationship we have a buddy system in place with a designated person to help should your child’s key person not be in.

The key person will identify individual needs and plan next steps, accessing additional support from line managers as necessary. Your child’s learning style, interests and stage of development will be used to support their development. And a termly report and meeting takes place to keep you up to date. Each child is given a home/pre-school diary, your child’s key person writes in this on a weekly basis letting you know activities they have enjoyed, we encourage you to contribute as well.

Our manager Karen Montgomery will maintain an overview of all children and the Senco will work with all staff to ensure we are providing the relevant and appropriate support.
We will work in partnership with you, reviewing the one page profile targets (where necessary), and planning new ones together. We will give you regular ideas to use at home and to support your child in their learning through our weekly activities.